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FITEL's line of fusion splicers provides an excellent solution for both field and factory splicing applications. FITEL are continually developing and enhancing their product line to meet the needs of customers and increasing worldwide demand. Through their network of regional technical and service centers available across the globe, the customers' technical issues are handled quickly and easily.

With splicing solutions that include the industry's only true hand-held fusion splicer, you can depend on FITEL to bring greater precision and ease to your splicing activity. Select from a broad range of technically advanced and highly reliable splicers designed for virtually every field and factory application. Models include:
S121 Series Hand-Held
 S121A - Hand-Held Fusion Splicer
 S121M - Hand-Held Mass Fusion Splicer
 S121S - Hand-Held Fusion Splicer

S176 Series Core Alignment
 S176CF - Core Alignment Splicer
 S176CR - Core Alignment Splicer
 S176LP - Core Alignment Splicer

S182 Series High Strength
 S182A - High Strength Splicer
 S182K - High Strength Splicer

S182/3 Series High Strength PM
 S182PM - Polarization Maintaining Splicer
 S183PM - Polarization Maintaining Splicer

S199 Series Ribbon
 S199M12 - Mass Fusion Splicer
 S199M24 - Mass Fusion Splicer
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